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student and woman owned pottery studio located in Wilmington, nc

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Or by appointment!


5 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

1 pm - 6 pm

1 pm - 8 pm

10 am - 5 pm


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4410 Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington, NC

Pottery Painting

Custom order pottery painting must be scheduled at least 10 business days in advance!

Custom ordering premade pottery guarantees that you will receive exactly what you want to paint! Browse through our selection of premade pottery and email us to place an order. The email must include your name, the item(s) you want to paint, and your phone number.

We will send you an invoice and once a 50% deposit or payment in full is received we will schedule a studio time!

Your invoice will include the sum of your selected items, the shipping cost from our manufacturer, and an hourly studio fee.


Appointments for pottery painting from our inventory are not required, but are appreciated! These appointments can be made the same day, but will guarantee there is enough space for your group!

Pottery Wheel Classes

Each class is instructor-led and personalized to cater to every artistic ability! Get your hands in some mud and amaze yourself with what you can create!

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Solo Sesh

reserve one pottery wheel and get ready to throw down for an hour and a half!

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Clay Date

reserve two pottery wheels for an hour and a half; Don't forget to bring your bestie or boo!

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Six Week Series

reserve one pottery wheel for two hours weekly! PREPARE to dive deeper into the art of throwing!

Now Offering!

Glass Fusion

Glass fusing is the process of stacking layers of glass on top of each other to make a design. The glass is then placed into a kiln, where it melts and fuses together!

We will run group glass fusion classes once a month. Glass fusion can be done during parties or in private events of groups of 6 or more.

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Silver Clay Workshops

Silver clay is a crafting medium consisting of very small particles of silver mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads, and small sculptures.

Join us to create your very own, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Helpful Hint:

Flat items, such as necklaces or earring pendants, are much easier to make than round items like rings. We must take a pendant workshop before a ring workshop to get a feel for the material.

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Plan your party with A Little Twisted! Message us to reserve the studio, including wheels, hand building tables, pottery painting, glass fusion, or silver clay!

Lets Talk!

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Beat the Heat!

Summer camp for all ages!

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July 8th-12th

Hand Building

Ages 6-9

9am-noon daily!


Aug. 5th-9th


Pottery wheel

Ages 12+

9am-noon daily!

July 22nd-26th

Hand Building

Ages 10-14

9am-noon daily!


Let your child unleash their creative side in a professional studio! Join us this summer to build functional art and explore the mess, joy, and challenges of working with clay! Each camp will focus on specific aspects of pottery, teaching techniques and strategies!

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A Little Twisted

Summer Camps


Each project is instructor demonstrated but kids are encouraged to use their own artistic style! Every project will be finished, functional, and food safe!

Emma has 8 years of teaching experience and loves sharing her passion of art with kids! Join her this summer and begin your clay journey!

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View Summer Camp

Selection here

My teaching Style

I love the impermanence of clay. How you can try and try again until you find satisfaction in your work. I love preserving the moment of time in which an artist decides to remove the impermanence and create a forever work of art.

As a teacher I believe that everyone is an artist no matter their skill level. I meet every student where they are, approaching each situation with an open mind and catering my lessons individually.

As a student I believe that we truly never stop learning. I understand the importance of imperfection; that making mistakes is the fastest road to mastery.

Observe, learn, challenge, grow.

We are so excited to announce our newest project- Clay Club!

The new monthly subscription kit that comes with everything you’ll need to make pottery from home! Each box has a unique theme and endless possibilities! This kit is perfect for all ages and creativity levels. Be sure to save your tools from month to month!

Are you worried about the mess? Don’t be! Everything in Clay Club will wash away with soap and warm water, leaving no stains on clothing or furniture!

JOIN CLAY CLUB TODAY and give the gift of creativity!

Join Now!

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On Wrightsville Ave.,

UNCW Student Takes Pottery Business To Next Level

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UNCW student opens pottery shop